Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Evening Sky in Ajax, Canada

Last night on my facebook page, I noted in my status for everyone to have a look outside their window - in particular, the folks in Durham region. The colours in the sky were beautiful. Yes Jayne, even the pink! ;o)
I told Jonah to look outside. He immediately said, "We have to call Tee-Tee!"
My sister Dawn is Tee-Tee to Jonah and Jonah knows that TeeTees favourite colour is purple.
Unfortunately, Tee-Tee didn't answer her phone!

Here are the pics I took of the sky from my backyard. Not the greatest photos with the hydro lines, etc. But you get the feel of the night.


shirley said...

Beautiful!! I love the evening skies this time of year.

Sandy said...

We do get some gorgeous skies. We' in the south end and over the lake is stunning.

Great to see there's another Ajacian out there!

Thanks for sharing ....

Jayne said...

Ohhh very pretty!