Monday, October 19, 2009

For Today......

Inspired by the Simple Woman's Daybook

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... it is still dark as it is early. But it should brighten soon!

I AM THINKING ... I should put the thought of making and FOLLOWING a "to do" list into action. Thinking of it does me no good!

WE ARE LEARNING … that mice are fast little buggars! The leaping around the kitchen last night trying to catch him proves that! LOL.

I AM THANKFUL FOR ... so many things, which makes me even MORE thankful!

FROM THE KITCHEN ... a big ole mouse trap filled with peanut butter to catch this friggin buggar!!

I AM WEARING ... my favourite jammies. And the way I am feeling, I will probably be in them until at least noon!

I AM GOING ... to chaperone Jonah's school trip next week. Should be interesting since it will be in french!

I AM READING ... The Shack. I am a third of the way through. Not really feeling it so far. Might be because I now the premise of the book. I think I need a good hour to delve into it. Not just bits here and there.

I AM CREATING ... nothing. And it is bothering me that I have not been to my table in a week!

I AM HOPING ... that Jonah's good behaviour he has had this past week continues to shine.

I AM HEARING ... Breakfast Television. My must watch every morning! They make me laugh everyday!

AROUND THE HOUSE ... lots of chores to be done, especially laundry!!

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... that I am able to eat breakfast and dinner everyday with my Jonah. I am so thankful to be working at home that allows me that.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK ... our regular day to day stuff, some scrapping, dinner with friends, and hopefully knock off a lot of our big "to do's"


This was taken Thanksgiving weekend at my aunt and uncles cottage in Bobcaygeon. It was friggin freezing, but Jonah didn't care and wanted to go check out the waves from the dock. No mitts and no hat either!
Have a fantastic week my friends!!

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