Monday, October 12, 2009

For Today...From the Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... I am enjoying watching the leaves turn into such vibrant and warm colours. I love Autumn.

I am thinking... that I need to get my ass in gear to lose this yucky weight and get myself in better shape. I really need to work on my strength.

I am thankful for... the most amazing family and friends a gal could ask for. Their support is what got me thru this year.

I am wearing... my comfies - they really should be called my sloppies. LOL. Today is chill out day, so comfy it is!!

I am remembering... when I was a young girl and how excited I would get when the Scholastic Catalogues would be sent home from school. I felt that excitement again when Jonah brought his home and I saw they had Amelia Bedelia in the catalogue!! I am tempted to order it for me! Remember Amelia, the funny maid?

I am reading... The Shack - I know what the major incident of the book is - not going to mention since my friend Lee is also reading and I don't want to ruin it! - but I am excited to see what I get out of this book and the lesson learned.

I am hoping... that 2010 will be a kinder year to my family and friends. What a rough ride 2009 has been.

On my mind... way to much. I need to learn to not get into my head so much. It gets overwhelming and doesn't do any good!

From the learning rooms... everyday Jonah comes home with a new french word. I am loving his excitement with it and refreshing my own limited knowledge of the language.

Noticing that... when you go thru a tough time personally the line "we are here for you" from people in your life is either true to the heart, with no limits, filled with undenying love and selflessness or it is a load of crap that they say to make themselves feel better.

Pondering these words... I forgive....why are they so hard to say for many? Including me.

From the kitchen... no turkey today - that was taken care of this weekend! It will be a light on the tummy day.

Around the house... really needing to get more organized and more tidy. And I am determined to catch that lil bugger of a mouse.

One of my favorite things ~ when Jonah says "Well hello my sweet Momma!" That will NEVER get old with me. this photo of Jonah in a tree. He was so proud to climb it.


Sanb]] said...

You amaze me and I NEVER get bored reading your posts!! Love you!

Sandra said...

You amaze me and I NEVER get bored reading your posts!! Love you!

Stacey said...

I just saw a mouse run across my floor. I could cry. I hate night time. Happy you caught your little bugger.

If you ever need help with French, we're just an email away!