Friday, October 2, 2009

T.G.I.F - Oct 2

I am TRUSTING that we are making the proper choices in the path we are leading Jonah on. And that we will go with what is in our hearts and not what others think is best.

I am GRATEFUL for the friends in our lives. We have had many bumps this year and their warmth, love, guidance, support and compassion is overwhelming. It is interesting to learn who is really a significant part of your life and those who just pretend to be.

I am INSPIRED by my husband. He has been faced with some tough decisions the past couple of weeks and he has shown me that forgiveness is possible and how deep his heart really is. Even to those who may not have returned the feelings to him. He is my inspiration.

It's FRIDAY and my focus is my husband. His mother passed away this week and although their relationship was tumultuous, it is still very difficult for him. Even if she was unable to return the feelings, he loved her. She was his mom. And for that, I will pay her respects while Sean says his last goodbye.

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