Monday, December 28, 2009

For Today....

(inspired by the Simple Woman's Daybook)

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... it is grey, but very still. Our weather has not been giving us the "Christmasey Feel" I look forward to each year.
I AM THINKING ... it has been a long time since I slept in until 9am! What a feeling!
WE ARE LEARNING … to be more organized. It is something Sean craves, and something I really need to focus on. We live in a small house but have so much crap that we haven't touched in quite some time. We will be purging a lot these coming weeks.
I AM THANKFUL FOR ... the gifts Santa brought Jonah that keep him quietly occupied in the morning so that I can grab some extra zzzzzs.
FROM THE KITCHEN ... it is actually CLEAN!!! We finally put away the special dishes we used at Christmas and we are not making any new messes since we're still eating leftovers!
I AM WEARING ... reindeer jammies that the elves snuck in on Christmas Eve :)
I AM GOING ... to make a plan and stick by it this year. I always hear of people who love to make lists and I figure I should give it a go.
I AM READING ... About Alice by Calvin Trillian. It was an easy read that Santa popped in my stocking. I am glad to be reading again after being traumatized by the Shack!
I AM CREATING ... a wellness journey for myself this year after a very unwell 2009.
I AM HOPING ... that Jonah gets better and does not end up with pneumonia like his Momma and Daddy. He has this insessant cough that just will not go away.
I AM HEARING ... the sound of Lego Batman for XBox. Jonah is quietly playing while I get some online time.
AROUND THE HOUSE ... there is still the spirit of Christmas, presents still under the tree, lots of laughter, lots of love.
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... having time to catch up on the blogs in my reader. It is amazing the inspiration you can find out there. Whether it be for creative inspiration, spiritual inspiration or just connecting inspiration. It is out there. And I am absorbing it as much as I can.
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK ... Enjoy our time with Jonah before he heads back to school on the 4th, continue cleaning and organizing, get packed and ready to leave for Great Wolf Lodge on friday! What a great way to start 2010!!


Jonah being his cute cheeky self :)

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