Saturday, December 26, 2009

What do you use?

Christmas card displays - what do you use to hold your cards? Are they hung on a string? Are they in a basket? Do you have some kind of crafty do-hickey thing?

Every year, I pull out my silver Christmas Tree stand that has card holders.
Every year it topples over.
Every year I curse it.
Every year I say it is crap.
Every year the cards don't get the show time they deserve.
Every year I say I am going to get a new one.

Every year I say that.

So my crafty friends.....please help me embark on a new project - a Christmas card holder!!

Why am I starting this now?? Because I need the 11.5 months to get it finished! HAHA.

Do you have an awesome card holder that you can share with me? You can send me a link in the comments field to whereever it is pictured, or you can email me at ohara.c at

Thanks for the inspirations!!

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Frank Yao said...

Anne made a card wreath out of a wire coat hanger by bending it into a circle and then attaching clothspins all around it. That allows the cards to be held in place, but the whole thing is hang-able on a door, and is out of knocking-down reach of the cats.