Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scrappy Giveaway!

In previous years, my focus for scrapbooking was always "to not be behind" on my layouts. It got to the point that I was not liking my layouts at all because I was concerned that I was still at last years Easter holiday and I just slapped it together. It was suggested by some of my scrappy friends to broaden my horizons, learn some new techniques and get back to enjoying my scrappy creations. So that is what I did - or attempted - to do this year. I enjoyed many classes, even though I wasn't always able to fully participate. Not only was I learning through classes, I was learning through many scrappy friend blogs. So much to learn out there and a wonderful way to get to know other people better.

I was lucky enough to win a fantastic giveaway from my sweet friend Kyla, free class from my talented friend Jayne at Feeling Scrappy as well as been the taker of Lee's generous scrap room clean outs!

Now it's my turn to give back!

My newest addiction - thanks to Monica, Lee and Kari Ann to name a few- are monthly scrap kits. I have found a fantastic kit club, and a new friend! If you haven't already, please head over and check out Express the Moment. They have wonderful kits! Not only that, Kim is the sweetest gal I have met in a long time. I have been following her blog, she speaks right from the heart and is fantastic to know. You can check out her blog HERE.

To show you how great Kim's kits are and to thank everyone for the wonderful support I have had this year, both creatively and personally, I am giving away an Express the Moment kit! You pick it, I pay for it! You can choose either a card kit or scrapbook kit!

Here is how you can win! Three chances!

  1. Post this giveaway on your blog (or twitter, facebook) and send me the link in the comments section.

  2. Leave me a comment telling me what you learned this year - not just creatively. Anything.

  3. Leave me a comment telling me what you like about scrapbook kits.

I will draw the winner on Tuesday December 15th.

Good Luck!


Priya said...

I have learned that Motherhood is truly a Blessing...My Gal was born early this year ... :-)...

az#2 said...

I have learned this year that perfection is not perfect - it is miserable. That applies to my scrapping (it's why I'm years behind right now...trying to make too many perfect pages!) as well as my eating/weight/mothering/housework...everything!

Frank Yao said...

I learned that babies can make their grandparents appear 10-20 years younger with their mere presence.

I don't use kits myself, but Anne used to use the Club Scrap monthly kits, and what I liked about them was that they included sketches/layouts that you could use not just with the included paper, but with any of your paper. They seem to really inspire Anne.

Kim Rose said...

Holy Smokes nice post Batman!!!! WOW! Thank you for the links and the great post. You are amazing. My new Canadian friend, EH?!

Becky said...

I've learned that I really need to be inspired to scrap. Whether that is through the photos, a sketch to follow or beautiful paper and embellishments.

idahospud89 said...

I have learned to be more organized this year. I have 4 children who are in 3 different schools with different schedules. It makes me a busy mom, but I would do anything for my children. I have also learned to enjoy the simple things in life...a hot bath, a great scrapbook magazine, the heat blowing out from the heater :) Love reading your blog!!

Stacey said...

I learned that it's ok not to have a perfectly clean house...as much as it kills me, I just don't have the time!!!

I posted on my blog! http://stacey-scraps.blogspot.com/2009/12/amazing-giveaway.html

I love scrappy kits as well even though I haven't been able to buy many lately. I love that everything is already coordinated for me and I can make lots of pages from the goodies already assembled. They rock!!!

Char, you are so sweet to offer up such a generous RAK. I have missed chatting with you recently and hope you are well.

Jayne said...

You are so sweet Char! I just love your style. I have learned to fit in time to read everyday even if it is just a chapter or two - I miss it when I don't. I have never really used kits so not sure what I would like :)

Kendra said...

I just posted the link on facebook.

This year I learned that a big change can be a wonderful change!!!

I haven't tried kits before but I think having lots of coordinating elements will be so fun!

Lain said...

I learned lots of things - cool tech stuff like ning, twitter, wiki, and some html. Very fun! I also started digi scrapping - a whole new world!

Lain said...

Oh, and kits -- I love being able to mix and match without having to dig through my huge stash. It also brings the latest and greatest to me, and with no stores closeby, that's terrific!

Barb said...

What an awesome giveaway... you're so sweet! :)

Something I learned this year... how to say NO when I already have enough on my plate. I am so thankful for the friends who supported me when life got too busy in the spring. They told me that people would still like me, even if I said no. And you know what? They were right. :)

Kyla said...

You're so sweet Char! ;)

I won't fill up your comments with all that I've learned this year, but one very important thing that I learned was "you can't FORCE inspiration"! If you're not in the mood to do it, switch gears! lol

You've got an awesome giveaway going on!

KariAnnS said...

What did I learn this year? I learned that sticking to my simple, linear style of scrapbooking without feeling like I need to match someone else's style has renewed my love of the craft.

Kits? I love kits because you get a mix of goodies from multiple manufacturers in one place. It's like a birthday in a box :)

Stacy said...

Char, you are so generous! You are offering a Christmas present early!

I posted your giveaway on my blog:

I love kits, and there is nothing more fun than getting fun scrappy mail! Just to see the comginations of products and be inspired by the products themselves is what I love! Kits also offer new products for me that I sometimes cannot get from a store around here.

I have learned this year that I need to "schedule" me time to work on projects that I want to do, and that I am happier when I get to do so!