Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Tradition

It has become a tradition at Thanksgiving that Jonah and Nana create the centerpiece for the dinner table. We walk thru local greenspaces and pick out some beautifully coloured leaves, wild flowers and pine cones. We make sure we get something of every colour.
Here are some photos of our leaf collection:

The finished product.

Our family picture - my parents, my sister, my nephews, friend of the family, my family and of course, my sisters puppy Zeus.
Hope everyone had a great long weekend!


Jayne said...

How fun is that?! And what a beautiful centerpiece!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Stacey said...

What beautiful photos! That centerpiece is amazing!

Tracy Kosofsky said...

Looks like you had a beautiful time with your family!! And....WOW - I love your blog header!!!

Char said...

Thanks Everyone! It was a great day!

Sheila said...

That is a wonderful tradition!!! I love the center piece!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!