Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cyn M - Nov 4th

Today's Daily gratitude goes to my friend Cyn.
It never fails that Cyn can make me laugh OUT LOUD while we are chatting on MSN or on the phone. And even though she wasn't aware of my miserable mood, she definately lifted it up. This has happened twice in a matter of days. I just love her for it.
Cyn is a Canadian gal who is living in Georgia. And boy, do I wish that she still lived here! But at least I get to see her in December along with Lee! And thankfully, we still have the means to communicate and feel like we are with each other. Phone, Internet, Webcams - thank goodness for technology!
December 23rd can't come soon enough! I love ya Cyn!

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Cyn M said...

Aw! Shucks Char! I love you too!!!!