Thursday, November 6, 2008

My thanks to Pain Relievers!

Today, I am thankful for the pain relief medications that we have available to us! LOL. I am so not kidding!!!
Yesterday I went to the gym - did I tell you I joined a gym - anyway, I went to do a workout, a real workout. The kind where you feel like you couldn't possibly sweat anymore and you feel like throwing up. I went with my cousins Pam and Sarah so they could show me some machines. Sarah introduced me to a machine called Hammer Strength or something like that. I think I did 5 reps only! It nearly killed me. I felt like I was hit by a hammer. I assume that is where the name is from! I'm rambling, I know.....anyway this morning when I woke body and I were NOT friends. I did not like stairs today, lifting, pulling, didn't like moving at all actually. So, I took a pain reliever earlier and also a muscle relaxant. I am starting to feel better. No pain, no gain, right?
Friday morning, I am going back and will keep on pushing.
Wish me luck!

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Lee said...

I wish you MUCH luck. Shoot, I go for deep tissue massages (shoulder) and need pain killers after that - and that's supposed to be relaxing. Imagine my reticence over participating at the gym! You're an inspiration :)