Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gratitude - Nov 12th

Yesterday, the Daddy of Jonah's little girlfriend Olivia (who lives in England) popped by since he was in Canada for work. He dropped by to deliver a package from Olivias mom Tess. It was full of treats for Jonah, but also for ME!!

Do you remember these candies? JELLY TOTS!!!!

I used to eat these all the time as a kid and also when I was pregnant with Jonah. I absolutely love them! Sadly, they dont sell them in Canada anymore :( But they are sold in the UK!

So there was lots of Jellytots in my goodie bag. I am eating some right now as I type this.

So my thanks today are for my very good friend Tess - who I miss terribly - and her handsome hubby Barry who took time out of his scheduled to bring us the goodie bag.

Thank you so much! MUAH!


Brynn said...

Gotta love great friends!!!

Ok, what the heck are those things? Are they sour?

Cyn M said...

LOVE Jelly Tots! They were my all-time fave as a kid!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll send some more over so that all your friends can try them, Tessxx