Monday, November 17, 2008

Gratitude - Choice because of a Friend

As many of you know, I lalalaLOVE scrapbooking. I started out a few years ago with a Creative Memories class and I was HOOKED! I eventually joined as a consultant, mainly to save money so I didnt have to pay retail, but also because I stood by the products. And I still stand by them. So, for the past 6 plus years, I did not look at another companies coversets or pages. I didn't need too as I have ALWAYS said that I will NEVER EVER use a different kind of album for my scrapbooking.

Can you sense that I am about to eat my words??

It took a visit to my good friend Lee's house. Have I ever mentioned that she is just as big an enabler as Cyn (have you seen this? or this?), Jayne (Stickles) and Becky (Threading Water Tool)??

I asked Lee a question about Close to my Heart albums. They are completely different from CM albums. I didn't get the postbound, or the top loading, or the fact that you don't work on pages. Lee gives me the sales pitch on the albums, the features, what she likes, how they work, the benefits and next thing you know - PLUNK - in my arms are 2 CTMH albums and the page sleeve thingys (I'll eventually learn what they are called). Just like that she gifted them to me. I tried to say no, but Lee would have none of it. She wanted me to try them as she thought I would really like them. I think Lee also knew that I would not fork out the dough to just try something. She is beyond generous.

Fast foward 2 months - I am enrolled in a fantastic class thru Feeling Scrappy and I have been using the CTMH albums to keep the layouts in since I am scrapping out of order. And you know what?? I LOVE THE ALBUMS!!!!

Munch, munch, chew, chew - thats me eating my words :)

Now don't get me wrong, I still love my CM albums, but now I have CHOICE!! All thanks to Lee!
There are so many scrapbooking "things" out there and I am not always open to trying them. I am learning! It's nice to have enabler friends ;) Thanks again Lee.

I also have to mention, that this is not the first time I have been a recipient of Lee's generousity. And I am not just speaking of the huge box of scrapbook supplies I have received. I am talking about the gift of her friendship. Lee does not bat an eyelash to help someone out, willing to do over and above, always supportive, always encouraging. I know she has given so much more - and she does it without rules or exceptions! Lee expects nothing in return. And sadly, there are some people who just don't appreciate her generousity, even when they have been the lucky recipient. The fact that someone could say anything negative about Lee is just so foreign to me. In fact, they are not worth the words in my blog.

So, my gratitude to Lee for shedding the light on choice, being an enabler and a fantastic friend!

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CloverGirl said...

Not that I need any enabling, but what is so great about CTMH albums?! I use Colorbok (from the LSS) and have never seen a CTMH album, so I'd love to know why you love it.