Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

Today my US friends are FINALLY ready to go to the polls. Man that is one long campaign. But I have been following it as if I live in the US. I feel the emotions, I feel the needs, I am waiting to hear the final results, hoping that it will be the best choice for my american friends.

I blogged a while ago about the horrible turnout we had for our election. So I am imploring my friends, get out and vote. Take that time, it is important for your country, your well being.

Rock the vote!! Whichever way you are voting, I hope it is the right choice for you.

And I know that whatever the result is, it will be an emotional one. If Barack wins, I will cry. If Mc Cain wins, I will cry. Both for completely different reasons, but still, I know I will cry.

Thinking of my friends today.....please vote and make a difference, have your say. It's important.

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