Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Jonah-ism

You may remember my post a couple of weeks ago about my Jonah waking me up in the middle of the night to share his ever so exciting news - a barely loose tooth.

Well, lately it has become much more loose. I told Jonah it would probably come out in a couple of days. Jonah decided to take that matter into his own hands and yank his tooth out. The kid has no fear.

So in the Tooth Fairy pillow the tooth goes. The Fairy brought $3 - a little more than normal because it was a tooth that generally doesnt come out until Year 8.

When Jonah woke this morning and saw the money he was so excited! He then told me: "If more of my teeth come out I can buy that DS game I want! C'mon Mommy! Lets go get some candy so my teeth fall out!"

My Jonah.


Jayne said...

LOL! So cute! When my middle son Sam started getting money he siad "hey mom - I have a gold mine in here!"

Becky said...

LOL Everything you ever tell kids come back to haunt you.....especially in ways you never thought of!