Monday, February 9, 2009

Making the right choice

As concerned parents, Sean and I have always discussed education choices for Jonah. We made the choice to spend the extra money and enroll him in a Montessori school when he was quite young. A choice we have never regretted. We have also always said that we would enroll Jonah in the French Immersion program when he gets to public school. I know many people who have either been in this program themselves, or have children currently enrolled in it. We have researched this option from the very beginning. We have always been confident in our decision on this - Yes, we will enroll Jonah in the French Programme. We even discussed this with Jonah to see what his take on it is. Done deal, the choice has been made.

Jonah is now in public school and last thursday a form came home for the parents to fill out. It was to let the school know what our choice would be for our soon to be Grade 1 child. Regular program or french program?

I don't know why, but the form is still on my fridge. I started to fill it out, but I haven't marked the appropriate box yet. Why am I hesitating?? Am I just freaking out that my son is going to be 6 in 2 days?? Am I hesitating because I made the wrong the choice?? WHY??

I hate that I am questioning it. I am a person who, for the most part stands by her decisions. But having this parent responsibility has me stopped in my tracks. Obviously, I want the very best for Jonah.

So......I am going to go with my gut and sign the form. Sigh.

Moment of freak out is over. Thanks for listening ;)


Becky said...

I've agonized over so many education choices in my roll as parent. I must say all of them turned out the best for that particular child......only a few years left of this for me though while you are just getting started. (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Charlene - this is a must, multi lingual, this will help Jonah so much as he gets older. If he wants to travel he will never get stuck with other languages, go girl, wish Olivia was able to do this, UK a bit behind!! Tessx