Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Day

In Ontario, we have a holiday called Family Day. I am thrilled that we have this relatively new holiday to celebrate the important thing in life - FAMILY!!

The weather was beautiful - we were in the plus! But it was still cold enough that we had to wear our hats, mitts and winter coats.
Jonah was very excited that the warm weather had melted so much of the snow that he was able to ride his scooter! We learned that it is time for a new scooter - wow, he is outgrowing everything!!

We decided to take a walk to to lake since it was so nice outside. It is about a 15 minute walk from our house. Jonah happily scooted along. Of course, Jonah had to stop when he found what he called a "mini ice rink". We put the scooter down for some sliding time. :)

The view at the lake was beautiful. The lake looked like glitter and so peaceful! Jonah and Daddy took in the view from a bench.

We enjoyed some rest time just taking in the view and playing around. We even waved to Ms Lee and Mr Louis who Jonah knows lives on the other side of the CN Tower - which looked very tiny from where we were!

Jonah wanted in on the picture taking so he took a picture of mommy and daddy - did pretty well I think!

Time to trek back home to warm up with some hot chocolate. On the way back home, we came across a playground. What 6 year old can walk past a playground and not give it a go?? Definately not mine!! So after a fun half hour at the park, we eventually did ake it home to enjoy that Hot chocolate.

It was a wonderful day. What did you do for Family Day?

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Tricia said...

great pictures! Who made up that holiday???? I want a day like that on my calendar...especially if it allows me a paid holiday which would even be more better!!!!