Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hand Me Downs

**catching up on my blogging. These are June events. **head down in shame**

Being a second child, I always hated the "hand-me-downs" with a passion! Why would I want USED clothes?? Now that I am a mother, I love me some hand-me-downs for my boy! LOL.
My nephews were born long before Jonah was so my sister had no reason to hold on to their clothes. None of my friends had kids before me so no hand-me-downs there either.

When returning from Cape Cod, my friend Lee said to me, "remind me to give you a bag of the boys clothes." HAND-ME-DOWNS!! YAY!

Jonah was preoccupied with running around outside with Lee's kidlets, so he had no idea what was in the bag until the next day. would think he won the lottery! LOL. He was so excited to be wearing clothes that Caden and Cole had worn. He felt extra cool!

One of the items was a pair of rainboots. I should mention that these boots are about 3 sizes too big for Jonah right now, but he insisted on wearing them outside. I had to take this picture.

Another item was the striped shorts. Again, extra cool for Jonah :o)
I had felt bad that I forgot to give Jonah a show and tell for school this particular day, until I spoke with his teacher. She told me that Jonah was extra excited for S&T that she let him go first. His show and tell.......Caden's shorts!! He is definately getting good wear out of them.

Thanks Lee! And thanks to Caden and Cole for making Jonah feel "so totally cool" LOL.

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