Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remember to say it - everyday

This week I had to change my time for physiotherapy to the afternoons because I have Jonah home with me. Since he goes to gym camp in the afternoon, it helped my schedule. Plus he wouldnt have to be bored at physio with me.

I was a bit early so I had to wait in the waiting room. A elderly gentlemen beside me had dropped his cane so I leaned over to pick it up. He was not able to speak because of (well, I assume from) a stroke. It was more like moaning. I acknowledged what I assumed was a "thank you". He wrote on a piece of paper "I can't talk anymore." Instead of speaking back - I wasn't sure if it was appropriate - I wrote back "I am so very sorry" and he smiled. A few minutes passed and he was writing again. What he wrote almost brought me to tears and I am so surprised I was able to keep my composure. He wrote "I can't tell my wife I love her anymore." Thank goodness we were writing back and forth on a pad of paper because I am POSITIVE I wouldn't have been able to speak. I "said" back to him, "You can tell her everyday with your eyes and your notes." His response -"Not the same." I smiled and nodded.

The elderly gentlemen was called in for his appt as was I. We both did our physio on the opposite sides of the room. When it was time for me to go, I said my goodbyes and the elderly man waved me over. He wrote on his paper "Remember to say it EVERYDAY."

I felt so bad for this man who just wanted to say those 3 words one more time to his beloved. I walked to my car with emotions overflowing. I immediately called Sean to say those 3 little words that I know are not so little and that I know I was not saying for the first time that day. Or the last for that matter.

His message was simple but effective. How could I not share this with my blog friends.


KariAnnS said...

This is the sweetest story I've heard in awhile. And of course I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder!

Becky said...

Char what a beautiful story! I have tears running down my face. I'm so glad you were there for that man and that he was able to touch you so. He obviously is a very special man.

Jayne said...

Oh my goodness - what a blessing that man is and he probably doesn't even know it.If you see him again thank him from me and thank you my friend for sharing the story. {hug}
PS I love you :)