Friday, August 21, 2009

Eating My Words

When I go to my monthly scrapbook class at Sandy's, I ALWAYS learn something new. Usually it has to do with scrapbooking as would be expected, however, last night I learned something not scrappy related!

I have always disliked Crocs, the shoes. Dislike is not a strong enough word.....LOATHE them. They are big and clunky and I didn't understand the rave of comfort. Sean and Jonah have them and they LOVE them. Me, not so much. I swore up and down that I would NEVER EVER own a pair of Crocs. Never.....big.....clunky.......yucky.....croc faced....big.......ugh.

I digress....

At my class, Sandy and her daughter Lyndsay had Sandals on that looked comfy. I asked about them and they told me they were....yup, you guessed it....CROCS! I immediately said, "Oh, I won't like them then" but I still tried them on confident that I would NEVER EVER want them (Am I clear on this point? LOL)

Well.......they were like mini pillows for my feet. Sandals that hug your tootsies. I wanted to take them home. It became my mission to find them. I had to have Not tomorrow, not next week. T.O.D.A.Y!!

I called a dozen stores but they are all bringing in winter crap. God forbid someone needs sandals during the summer months. Sheesh.....
I finally found a pair at a very local store - yay! They had ONE pair left.


Off I went to Sportsmart and picked up a new lover for my feet. The lovers name is Cleo. If you haven't seen the Cleo style, here they are:

I have had them on since I got them. LalalaLOVE them!

Munch, munch, crunch, gulp........that's me happily eating my words.......wearing my sandals of course!


Sandra said...

Momma has the capri crocs and loves them. They look good too!,default,pd.html?cid=060&cgid=women-footwear

Jayne said...

LOL! I am with you in not liking the regular ones (my kids all have them) but I have seen the sandles and they are cute.