Saturday, August 15, 2009

My First 12 of 12 - FINALLY!

Here I am for my very first 12 of 12!!

Now, I have to say, I really did do this on the 12th. Blogger was not co-operating with me so I am only getting to posting today!

For those of you who don't know, 12 of 12 is a challenge that I have been following in the sense of reading other peoples 12 of 12, never doing the participating. I finally decided to give it a shot. The idea is to take 12 pictures of your life on the 12th of every month and either blog about it or scrapbook it! To read more about it, or to get the reminders, check out Susan's site:

So here is how my 12th of August went.......

Today was an interesting day to start with. Generally, I work at home. But today I had to go into the office. I am very impressed with myself that I stuck to it.
My day started with my alarm going off at 5:30am. WHich I have to say is just gross. Every morning I HAVE to watch Breakfast Television, a local breakfast show here in Toronto. They make me laugh everyday and its just a great way to get my day going.

Because it is summer and I had been on holidays, I have been sleeping in a wee bit longer than I normally would. My goal was to be on the highway by 7am to beat most of the traffic. I was a tad late. Oops.
We have a Go Train that runs into downtown, but I do not like public transit and usually get myself into some kind of situation on the train. For some reason, people think it is ok to drool or sneeze on me, touch me, breath on me because clearly they do not know me. For those of you who DO know me, know that I will not keep my mouth shut and will say something to them. So in order to avoid that, I drive downtown. It is a nice drive with my music, in my car, no one to bug me. One of the things I love about driving downtown is when I come around a particular bend and I can see the CN Tower. I am still fascinated by it. It occurred to me today that I have not taken Jonah to the top of the tower. Must plan to do that.

I make it downtown in good timing and off to work I go - after having breakfast with Ian, my sisters boyfriend!

Have you seen these before? They are to DIE for. This was a Skor Apple. It was coated in caramel, chocolate and Skor pieces. THey are expensive and of course not good for my diet. This was a treat, luckily I am not downtown everyday! And to be honest, I got a tummy ache from it.

Sean picked up Jonah and he had a bit of a bad day and brought home major attitude. So he earned a trip to his room! I had to sneak in and grab a pic of it!

Since no one was home to grab groceries or make dinner, we opted for take-out. Tonight we chose Thai Garden. Beef Fried Rice, Chili Chicken and Garlic Beef. Yum!

A nightly ritual at our house - bedtime prayers. Jonah gets very upset with us if one of us misses them. We have a regular prayer we say everynight and then at the end of the prayer we each say a personal prayer for someone. Jonah prayed for my elbow, Daddy prayed for Uncle Mark and Mommy prayed for Mr. Sibley and Jenkins McCullum who both just had surgery.
Jonah is doing well with his reading so tonight he read to Henry and I. It was a Diego Animal Rescue story. I am so proud at how far Jonah has come with his reading. His confidence is growing - thank God!

After storytime, I went downstairs to enjoy a cup of tea while I sat in my brace. I have had the brace for a few months, it was recommended I wear it 6 times a day for 30 minutes each time. Because of the type of surgery I had on my elbow, I know I will not get the full use or extension back, but this brace will help me get close. Unfortunately, on days that I have client meetings and have to go downtown, I only get in 2 sittings. It is uncomfortable and my elbow aches a lot after I have been in it. No one said this would be easy.

While I sat in my brace, it gave Sean and I a chance to catch each other on our day. When you drive downtown, you see a lot of interesting things. And for some strange reason, when I am away for the day working downtown, it seems like Sean and I were apart longer. So we always have something to talk about!

After our catching up time, we settled down to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada. We had it recorded and needed to catch up since they moved on to Day 2. So far, I have to say, kinda boring.....even with Mary Murphy on it.

After my long day, it was off to bed!
I hope you enjoyed my 12 of 12. Please let me know what you think? Was it boring? Should I do it differently next time?
If you participate, let me know so I can check it out!


Jayne said...

I love it! I really want to start these as I always love seeing them. I think it will be a great record in the years to come - you won't believe how much your "boring" days will change :) Thanks for sharing and no it was no boring!

Tricia said...

Char, what a really cool idea!