Sunday, August 16, 2009

July Month in Review

July was a very busy month for us and we enjoyed it! Here is a cap of some of the things we did or learned.

  • Our July started off with wishing our wonderful country a happy birthday! We spent the day with our friends Mark and Tricia and their kiddies Jayden and Joshua at Rotary Park for some celebrations, off for a swim at their friends place and then the holiday cap off of fireworks!
  • Sean and I were honoured to be a part of Mark and Sandra's wedding. They day was beautiful and we had an awesome time. This was one of the best weddings we had been to.
  • I can't believe this, but I had never seen the movie Sharktales from beginning to end. I finally got around to watching it with Jonah and you know what? It was really good!
  • Realizing how busy all of our family really is. I broke my elbow on my sisters birthday in April so celebrations had to be post poned. Since we couldnt really get together because of my surgery, schedules, etc, we finally found a day to catch up. In all, we celebrated: Dawn's birthday, my Dad's birthday, mothers day, our anniversary, Ryan's birthday and Fathers Day! WHEW!
  • Enjoyed a wonderful day with Michelle and Ian. Jonah loves visiting Auntie Michelle and thinks it is super cool that Ian is a cop! We had a lovely visit and yummy dinner. The day was too short and our visits are too far between. Must change that.
  • Jonah made a new friend on the street. I am learning to let go and let him figure things out on his own. I also needed to learn to loosen my grip. Not an easy thing to do.
  • We went camping with our friends Mark and Tricia and their family. Unfortunately, the weekend started with a lot of stress. Sean had trouble with work, our campsite was taken when we got there so we had to set up in the rain and we didnt get to stay as long as we had planned. But we still had fun being out in the tents.
  • This month I was taking another Feeling Scrappy class - Sketchapalooza! As always, I learned something new and really enjoyed the class. I just wish I had more time to participate more!
  • I learned that my husband really does understand my need of scrapbooking. He understands it is my happy place and he knows how much I love it. He also realized I needed a bigger space. So I have moved out of my space under the stairs and have a bigger space in the rec room. I love him for this :)
  • I took a week of vacation to spend with Jonah and I realized even more how much I love being his Momma. He truly is the joy of my life.
  • As part of the Jonah and Momma's week of fun, we enjoyed another day at Canada's Wonderland with James. I loved hearing Jonah laugh and scream as he tried new rides.
  • Enjoyed many couch cuddles with Jonah. It is NOT a waste of time :o)
  • Saw Ice Age 3 with Jonah and Sean. We all laughed out loud in the theatre. A must see!
  • Spent an afternoon with Sheri and Christian at Lynde Shores. Such a beautiful conservation area. We fed the chipmunks, the swans, the ducks and even birds flew into our hands. It was fabulous!!

    It was a fantastic month! So hard to believe we are in August already!

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