Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh the things he will say......

One thing I know other momma's have experienced is when your child says something embarrassing at the most inconvenient time. I predict a lot more in my future.

Yesterday I was at my Gyne Specialist (that is another post) and I took Jonah with me as I knew the appointment outcome would be sad. He could be my distraction. It was only for a talk so I was fine with him being in the room with me. I knew there would be no trou-dropping.
Now Jonah has been in many doctors offices that have had graphic posters. He asks what they are and I tell him. I figure it is best to be honest as to not confuse them. On the wall was a poster of a woman's reproductive make-up. It was very detailed. Jonah was staring at it and asked what it was. I told him that was what my inside looked like. Showed him where he lived in my uterus, how he was fed, etc. The poster also showed the baby coming out. Jonah always knew that he grew in my belly, but he never asked how he got out.

Well, today was the day......

I told him that I had some tummy cramps and that I knew he was ready to come out. Then I went to the hospital and had to push him thru the tunnel - which I showed him on the poster.
Now on the poster, as I said, it was pretty graphic. Jonah sees a "hole" and was visably upset. Mouth open and all. He stammers out, "You mean I came out of your Butthole?? Like a big piece of pooh???"
I didn't want to laugh because I wanted him to take this seriously. I should note that I deserve some kind of award for not laughing hysterically!
I assured him I did not pooh him out. I waited for his next reaction.
"No way I came out of the Gina, right Mommy?"
"Well, yes, you did."
"I CAME OUT OF YOUR GINA??" I am sure the ladies in the waiting room heard this.
"Yes you did. Keep your voice down"

At this point the doctor came in and Jonah jumps up and says "Did you know that I came out of my Mommys gina?"
She laughed and said, "I do know that. That is my job."
Jonah looked shocked. "You take babies out of ginas??"
It seemed so unreal to him. Thru the whole appointment and walk to the car, Jonah kept saying "I can't believe I came out of your gina."
He let it go for the ride home....or so I thought. I pull into the driveway and we get out of the car. A neighbour walking by says hello and Jonah tells HIM - "Did you know I came out of my mom's gina?"

Oh, the embarrassment!

I took him inside and told him that if he has any questions, to ask me. I also explained to him that we do not discuss this with anyone else. All I could think of was what he was going to talk about the first day of school!!

Oh the things he will say..........


Lee said...

I can hear him clearly! Too funny :) And you're right, there's more to come!

Jayne said...

LOL!!! Maybe he will want to take you and your "gina" to school for show and tell! Toooo funny!