Saturday, September 13, 2008

Me and my Feet

If you were to ask me what my most favourite feature of me is, I would proudly say my feet. Especially the right one because it has my pretty tattoo.
But the past couple of weeks I have had issues with my feet. I blogged a couple weeks ago about my dislocated toe - which is much better now.
So during my fantastic week off, we went camping. We stayed at Earl Rowe which has a fabulous beach. On the Sunday of the long weekend, it was beautiful! Sunny, hot, perfect summer day. We were playing badminton on the beach and decided to run into the lake to cool off. That was my mistake.

This is what my foot looked like before I went into the lake: (my foot is on the right)

As I ran into the lake, I hit a hole about 3meters in. I went right over on my ankle. I thought I had broken it it hurt so bad. But I was able to wiggle my toes, so i thought it was just a sprain, it will go away. It then looked like this after a couple of days of swelling:

How hot is that!

I finally went to the hospital had it x-rayed. Turns out it is fractured and I have torn all the ligaments and tendons in my foot. They gave me a pair of crutches and sent me to get an aircast.

I hate it. Looks like a ski boot and it is very hot and heavy. Sucks.

What the heck is wrong with my feet??? Sheesh!!


CloverGirl said...


I'm sorry it's sore, but I hope it heals quickly and completely!

Jayne said...

I agree - OUCH!! Here is hoping for a quick recovery!

PS still having trouble getting yoru blog to feed on my reader - do you know if anyone else is having this problem? :(

Char - scrpbkngal said...

Thanks Ladies!

Jayne - I am not sure who has my blog on their feed, LOL. When I add a new blog I have to edit the list and I add it by the web address, not the feed address and it picks it up. Make sure there isn't a double http:// - I noticed one of your links has that and I couldnt open it. HTH!