Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Senior Kindergarten Boy

It has been brought to my attention that I did not post any pics of Jonah from his first day at school! Oh my! I blame my getting to know Candice (my camera) as the reason!
Jonah started Senior Kindergarten this month and he was so excited to be going to a big boy school. Everything was new to him - the school, the teachers, the classmates. And he took it in stride.
Here is my boy in front of his school - Seems so small!
Jonah told me that he was a big boy and that he didnt need to hold my hand in the school yard - cue moment of heartbreak.....

In front of the kindergarten doors:

The bell rang and all the kids screamed! I think it scared the pants off them! I am happy to say that even though Jonah wanted to walk in the yard alone - as the big boy he is - he still gave his Momma some lovin - lots of hugs and kisses! Still bugs me that I had to go to work and I wasnt able to pick him up for his first day. But, he had a great day! Teacher sent me a note on the 2nd day that said Jonah was very excited to be at school but that he needs to know that he can't talk ALL the time and that he has to listen more than talk! HA! Good luck with that!

This is another picture I took of Jonah when he wasn't looking. I think it is my favourite. You can see a lot of my Dad in him.

Jonah - 51/2 years old and in senior kindergarten.....where did the time go??

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Brynn said...

Oh Char, he is darling!!!