Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I haven't been blogging

It came to my attention this week just how many people actually do read my blog! Very exciting! LOL. A few people have been asking why I haven't blogged about my week off. We had a special friend from England, camping, the zoo, my parents 60th birthday....and this is the reason why:
Isn't she pretty?? Go ahead...look at her again, I will wait......

My newest toy is my Canon G9. It was given to me as a gift - yes, a GIFT - by my wonderful friends Mark and Sandra. I have known Mark since I was 12 and we have stayed friends all this time. Mark and Sandra know I love to take pictures and scrapbook them and knew I wanted this camera that was out of budget. So in typical fashion, Mark tricked me and got it for me. Yes, it was hard to accept, but again in typical Mark fashion, he justified it.
So, in my excitment, I have been taking lots of pictures and trying to learn about her. Of course, I haven't loaded the software yet to download the pictures! So that is my reason for not yet blogging because I really want you to have the visuals.
So my plan this weekend is to find some time to load the software and figure it all out. So stay tuned!

Have I mentioned that I love my new toy.....I think I will name her Candice.....Candice the Canon.....hmmm, will have to think about that. If Sean can name his GPS (he named her Gloria), then I can name my camera! Any suggestions? LOL


Jayne said...

How COOL is that?! A great hubby AND a great friend - lucky girl!

Char - scrpbkngal said...

Lucky indeed! I am very blessed. Don't forget to add amazing scrapbooking friends!

Cyn M said...

HEY!!! I have a CANDACE!!!!
My G9 I got for Christmas from Ben!!!