Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember My Week Off?

I know this post is overdue, but it was busy when I got back to work, lots to catch up on, and I had to figure out how to download my photos from my new camera!
So here is a rundown of our last week in August.....
Saturday - we were very excited for Olivia's arrival. Olivia is a friend of Jonah's who moved back to London. He has not seen her in 2 years. He was so excited to see her!
We had breakfast at our favorite restaurant with Mickey shaped pancakes, then we headed out for the zoo.
The kids walked around looking at the animals, ran around in thewaterpark and also had a camel ride!
The kids had a lot of fun! Jonah was very sad to see her go, but was happy to hear that we will be seeing her again on tuesday!!

On Monday, Jonah had a playdate and so did I!! I went to visit Lee at her place (she is about 1hour 20 away from me) and we scrapbooked and chatted the day away! Lee convinced me to complete my very first sketch (that'll be a different blog entry!), we laughed, we talked about any and everything - een the topics that are usually taboo - religion, economics and politics - it was so nice to be able to talk about anything with her. It was a great day as usual.
Tuesday - we spent the day with Olivia again! We started off with
a trip to Build a Bear. Jonah made a Canada soccer player bear and named him Jonah, Olivia made a bride bear and named her Olivia. The kids then exchanged bears so that "olivia" was always with Jonah and "Jonah" was always with Olivia - such a sweet sentiment.
Tess and Olivia then treated us to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. If you have young kids, they will LOVE this place. We ate right beside the elephants, boy are they loud! The food was delicious and the kiddies loved the atmosphere.

Back to the hotel we went for a splash in the pool. It was so nice to be able to spend the day together. It was hard to say goodbye not knowing when we will be able to see them next. Still hoping that Olivia's Daddy comes back to work in Canada and brings the family with him. Regardless of where they are living, Jonah and Olivia will always be friends.

Wednesday - another busy day! We went to the C.N.E! It is only in Toronto for 2 weeks every summer. Jonah was big enough to go on some big people rides this time. He had a great time. Our friends, 3MDM were also performing at the The Ex so we wanted to see them as well. Of course we made sure to bring home some cotton candy for daddy.

Thursday - mental health day!! We just chilled out and watched movies.

Friday - We headed out to go camping! We went with our very good friends the Sibleys and we had a lot of fun. The kids climbed trees, we went to the park pool, went to the beach - thats where I fractured my ankle, the kids played in mud puddles, collected different types of bugs, roasted mallows, hot dogs, popcorn. It was fantastic!
Now you can see why it took so long to post! It was a great week off and glad that it was so busy instead of just sitting around. I have many, many pictures of this week off and I am happy to know that these memories of this week will be preserved forever.
So for those of you who were asking - that was what we did that week! I tried to keep it brief for you! LOL

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Lee said...

It was indeed a great week off! I can't wait to talk about all those taboo topics again ;)