Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's been 7 years and this day still makes me feel sick. I am always overcome with sadness.

I didn't know anyone personally whose life was taken by this horrible day, but I do know people who were personally affected - well, weren't we all personally affected?

I clearly remember where I was. I was working at home (for IBM) and for "some reason" I couldn't access any of the servers to connect to work. I didn't think anything of it, so I went downstairs to eat my breakfast and check out the news. I was watching CNN when it happened. I remember calling my mom and telling her someone in a plane hit the World Trade Center. Our instant reaction was that it was a pilot error. Then the second plane hit.......

I went upstairs in tears to wake up Sean who just finished a night shift and told him he needs to be with me today to figure this out - something to this day we cannot do.

I sat in front of the tv all day - crying, shaking, not knowing what to do. I remember talking to my mom on the phone (she was at work and only had radio updates) and telling her what was happening. I remember sobbing to her that people were jumping from the building because they had no where else to go. Heartbreaking, pure devastation. I am shaking right now just remembering it.

I think of many of the heroes that day - Kenny Johannemann, who passed because of the effects of 9/11. He was the hero that pulled Phillipe David out of the basement that day, skin hanging off Phillipes body. Kenny could have ran, but he didn't. And because of thatm Phillipe lives on.....

That day - 9/11 - has left a major impact on all our lives. It is a day we will not forget.

Peace and Love to all

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