Monday, May 11, 2009

For a good cause

Every summer, we usually buzz Jonah's head. Just makes it easier and more comfortable. Jonah has been in need of a haircut so when I told him we were going for a trim, he asked if he could do what the policemen on tv and his friend Joey did at school to support a young boy with cancer - and shave his head. He also wanted to donate all the money in his piggy bank to find "medicine to make them better." I was very proud of Jonah. How could I say no? I told him I will match what is in his piggy bank.

Here is a before picture:

Daddy pulls out the trimmer...

Had to take this picture. He looks like a kid from WhoVille!!

The new do for summer!

I am very proud that Jonah has it in him to help others and shows his sensitive side.
Next mothers day we will be participating in a charity event - again Jonah's idea. He wanted to be a part of the human chain that "hugs" the Hospital for Sick Children every year on Mothers Day. I will proudly be there with my boy.


Tricia said...

Jonah sounds like a terrific kid! You have to be so proud of him!

Kim Rose said...

He does sound terrific! We shaved our boys in the summer too. Just easier!
Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I will be sure to visit yours often!

Jayne said...

Such a sweet boy you have there Char! Love the whoville pic!! :)

Stacey said...

What a sweet little boy - I imagine you are very proud.