Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where I am NOT

This weekend was a weekend I had been looking forward to since last fall.
This weekend was my annual spring scrapbook retreat in Norwood.
This weekend was cancelled, all thanks to my swift move of breaking my elbow. Not just any break. I did such a job on it that it needed surgery.

Sigh. I am wallowing.

My scrapbook retreat. Where I am not.


Jayne said...

:o( I am sad for you {{{hug}}} We will make up for it at the end of the month!!

Stacey said...

Someday I want to organize a scrapbook retreat with friends out here in Calgary.. but we'll do our shopping here in the city, then go spend a night or two in Banff. Scrap by day, play by night.

Maybe you'd be up to that? Norwood vs. Banff. No contest.


I am sorry though.

MidniteScrapper said...

So sad for you. I can imagine the feeling...without the busted elbow. Ouch! Here's to a full recovery though!

Char said...

Jayne - thank you. Yes, we WILL make up for it!

Stacey - that would be awesome! No contest at all. Well, except $$$. LOL.

Sherry - Thank you so much.

((Hugs)) and thanks to you all.