Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fill-ins - May 22

This is a little baby bird who surprised us one morning
when we opened the back door. He just sat and stared at us.

Happy Friday! Here are my Friday Fill-ins. Answers in bold. we go!

1. Moving my arm everyday will help get the mobility back in my elbow.

2. My love, support and friendship is always free.

3. My best quality is telling it like it is.

4. Sharing details. It's what I do when I scrapbook so everyone can share the moment.

5. In nearly 10 years, I made a home in Ajax, had a beautiful boy, wonderful pets came and went and I really came into my own.

6. A pedicure is what I need right now! Seriously, these feet should not be sporting flipflops!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing my Mom and Dad, tomorrow my plans include packing for Cape and taking Jonah to a creepy crawler party and Sunday, I want to enjoy the day with my boys at Canada's Wonderland!

If you want to participate, visit this site:
I would love to see your Fill-Ins, so please leave me a comment letting me know you participated!


Jayne said...

Sounds like a great weekend Char! (Although I can't wait for NEXT weekend!!) :) Enjoy!

The Walker Family said...

Hey Char! how's your elbow healing? I hope you are back to par soon! BTW, we are so past the throwing a bean bag into the clown's mouth...Being a teacher, I'm so suprised that they were allowed to have this Pot Shot at your son's Fun Fair. But on the flip side, I bet the kids loved it!