Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Enlighten Me.......

I know full well that most people will not agree with me on this, so please......enlighten me!

Last night Sean called me downstairs to where his computer is and says with annoyance in his voice - "You'll never guess who requested to be friends with me on Facebook!"
I took a stab at guessing his brother since they have not spoken in almost 2 years (I think, I've lost count really).
Sean: "No, guess again."
Me: "Umm...GirlNamedThis?" (Which was his high school girlfriend)
Sean: "No, but you are very close!"

Right then I knew it was his girlfriend before me. He was still with her the night we met, he broke up with her after. And no, nothing happened with us until after!

Sean: "Can you believe that?? WTF is she doing? WTF would she add me?"

Now here is the part that I understand most will not agree with my comment....

Me: "Ok, come back down from the rafters.....what is the big deal?"

I think Sean expected me to be as upset or annoyed as he was. But I wasn't. Why should I be? I am married to him, I am confident in our relationship and most importantly, I TRUST HIM!
I told him to go ahead and add her! I really don't see what the big deal is.

This of course got us into one of our deep conversations that usually last quite some time - and that I LOVE.

Sean did him-and-haw about it, but I think he will be adding her.

Enlighten me.......what is the big deal?? It won't affect how I feel about the situation, I am just genuinely curious.

Can't wait for the comments!


Lee said...

I have to laugh. Louis' former fiance - the one before me - sent a request last summer: http://l2l-lemons2lemonade.blogspot.com/2008/08/facebook-101.html he was HORRIFIED.

I'm pretty sure it's a guy thing :)

shirley said...

I am friends with several of my old boyfriends. DH doesn't care.
I wouldn't care if his old GF requested to be friends.
I'm not sure what the big deal is, but glad you guys talked about it!

Brynn said...

LOL, see now at MY house, it would be the complete opposite! Hubby wouldn't care, it's ME that would FREAK!!! Why? Because I have got to be the most jealous person alive. Seriously! No, he has NEVER given me any reason whatsoever to even doubt him. I have been so hurt in the past by cheating, that it still has lasting "issues" with me. I know that isn't HIS problem, it's 100% mine. Luckily we have a great relationship & he knows & accepts this about me (& even loves me in spite of it!).

So... did he decide to add her after all? You said you thought he would...

KariAnnS said...

I'm like you. I wouldn't care. I actually had 5 exboyfriends at our wedding. One of which was actually in the ceremony as a reader. So it's safe to say that Nick and I are confident with our relationship.

Nick has exgirlfriends as Facebook friends and so do I. I just figure if I was worried about him being friends with women there then we have deeper things to deal with.

The Walker Family said...

I agree with you Char, if you have a good srong relationship, then what's the big deal? He married YOU! She's probably wants to be nosy and see what he's up to!