Monday, March 2, 2009

Remembering Robyn

This beautiful plaque was Christmas present from my parents. It is one of my favourite quotes. I have it along my sidebar of my blog.

As I opened the present, I saw the first word and immediately started to cry. This quote has so much meaning to me. My parents were not aware when they had purchased this gift that I held this quote so close to my heart and the reason behind it. I am pretty sure they bought it because of my love of scrapbooking and capturing the moments. But it lies so much deeper than that.

Today is 19 years that my friend Robyn passed away. She was a few months shy of her 16th birthday when she died. I visit her often, but I always make sure I am there today and on the day of her birth, May 16th. Quite some time ago, I had come across this quote. It struck me so hard that I wrote it in a card and laid it on Robyn's memorial stone with some yellow roses. I felt it had so much significance of Robyns life and my own, that I write it every year.

It is because of this quote that I will not dwell on what could have been - would she be married, does she have kids, is she a star athlete - instead I will remember the moments she had in her young life that took my breath away.

It is because of this quote that I will continue to live in the moments that take my breath away and cherish them as they may not be there tomorrow.

Much Love to the Allen Family.

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