Saturday, March 7, 2009

Special Delivery for Jonah!

This post is looooong overdue!

Jonah received a very special delivery from his favourite girl in England. Olivia sent Jonah some birthday presents!

His gift bag was filled with lots of treats, a Speed McQueen shirt - which he HAD to wear to school the next day for show and tell - and a book called GoodNight Baxter. We have read that book NUMEROUS times! The title makes it more personal as that is Olivia's last name - at least until she becomes an O'Hara!!

I also received a gift! Tessa sent me my favourite candies Jelly Tots that you cannot get in Canada anymore. Thank you Tess!!

Jonah misses Olivia and hopes that he will see her again soon. Until then, we make sure they stay in touch by sending packages to each other and photos. This may be a long distance friendship, but there is no distance from our hearts.

We miss you! Thank you for Jonah's gifts.

Sending lots of love,

Sean, Char and Jonah :)

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Lee said...

How fabulous for Jonah (and you!) Love the pic of J with all his treats. Cole (reading over my shoulder) is waving "hi" to his little buddy.