Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Things: Crafty Plans

Another week has passed. Time for 8 Things Thursday! Do you participate? Leave me a link to your blog if you do. If you want to join in, go HERE!
This week I chose to list 8 things that I have on my "Crafty/Scrappy To do List" - maybe this will hold me accountable to actually get them D.O.N.E!!

  1. Altered Advent Calendar - ok I know it is January, but I figure if I get the ball rolling now it just may be done come Decemeber! I just need to find one in stock without having to pay thru my....well, you know.
  2. Altered Clipboard for MYSELF. Last May, I went to Cape Code with a bunch of wonderful gals. Monica helped me complete a clipboard for Jonahs teacher as an end of the year gift. I liked it so much I wanted one for myself. Lee helped me gather the required supplies that would be perfect for me. Now I just have to get it done.
  3. Wellness Album - Since my little word for 2010 is Wellness, I thought it would be a great idea to document that journey! I am not sure how yet. Maybe layouts, may just be journalling, maybe some inspiring quotes. The idea came to me when I was cleaning up my scrap area and sorting thru my fabulous box of goodies from my friend Kyla! It has an album in there that I think will be perfect!
  4. Me: The Abridged Version - my very first Cathy Z class. I had enrolled in the class but then we had some upset personally. Instead of cancelling, Cathy suggested I complete the class at a later date and that the journalling could be healing for me. She was right! (Of course!). I have started some journalling and it definately comes at the perfect time. Lots of emotion to pour out. I really want to get this one done.
  5. Design Your Life - my 2nd Cathy Z class. This is a larger scale class. I wasn't going to join given the timeframe but I had many enablers! (cough...Barb...cough cough...Monica.....cough....Lee). I am SOOOO glad I have these enablers. First week and I can already tell this class is worth it! Again, with my surgery being next week, I will have to put this class off.
  6. Altered Chipboard Albums - I have 3 to finish! I am almost done BEACH, kit is ready for FAMILY and Santa brought me the BELIEVE album that I still have to gather supplies for.
  7. Digital Scrapping - I have the PSE, now I just need to take a tutorial to LEARN how to do it and give it a try! I have many fabulous templates to help me along the way.
  8. Layouts! I have taken some classes and learned some new techniques. Now, its time to get them down on layouts!!
Lots of scrappy plans for me!!

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Jayne said...

Great list - hopefully you can do some while you recover!