Friday, January 22, 2010

A giveaway!

Have you met Ella yet? If you haven't, you must GO HERE to check her out!

Ella offers amazing ebooks, challenges and fun! The authors are brilliantly talented and beyond inspiring!

They have just released two more eBooks - Stretch Your Sketches and A Year In Life

As part of my "giveback every month" for this year, I want to give away one of these fantastic eBooks - you choose!

I will randomly draw a winner next Saturday, January 30th - my birthday!

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me about your most memorable birthday moment! Come on, there should be some doozzies out there!

Get an extra chance to win by posting this on your blog, facebook or Twitter!

Can't wait to read your comments!


Cyn M said...

My most memorable "Birthday Moment" - I have 2!!! The birth of Nathan and the birth of Sophie. They aren't necessarily my birthday moments, but it is definitely a BIRTH-day moment! ;)

Lee said...

Look at you, Char! A big time give-away :) I'm having a giggle because it's sketches and I'm so glad you've embraced them. As for birthday, honestly? I can't remember most of mine - too many!

Jayne said...

Fun!! Memorable as in good or bad? When I was 10 I had the measles and had to cancel my birthday - that was bad but I still had a great birthday we spent it with close family friends and it was one of my most memorable...I will post on my blog tonight :)

chemgrl said...

My best birthday was the first one my husband and I had spent together as a couple(first year of our relationship). He bought me a film camera and lens because he knew I had an interest in photography. Poor guy opened a can of worms with that gift! LOL. I got into scrapbooking and digital photography a few years after that and haven't looked back.

famille1999 said...

Most memorable... probably when I organized my dh 30th bday party and tracked down some long lost friend of his. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

shirley said...

Hmmm, probably the most (or least, LOL) memorable birthday was my 21st. On the eve of my birthday. I was bartending at a college function and started drinking G&Ts in preparation for midnight - we were going out to celebrate.
Well, I didn't make it to midnight - I think I fell asleep at 11:00!

For my 40th birthday, my DH rented out a stretch limo for us to ride in style (to dinner, then to the Michaels and finally to the ice cream place). That's probably the most memorable one!

Stacey said...

Wow Char - you are so thoughtful! Most memorable birthday - hmmm....I think it was my 19th birthday - my sister planned a surprise party - and it was just that a total surprise.
And my 30th birthday hubby invited my friends over and bbq'd and cleaned up - all himself. It was really sweet!

Becky said...

You are so generous Char!

I've got a couple most memorable 30th and my 40th. DH threw surprise parties for both occasions after strict instructions not to. I had a blast anyway. I've truly blessed with great friends.

Stacy said...

Love your giveaway Char!!

My most memorable birthday was probably my 25th. I was at a dear friend's wedding, and it was a day before my birthday. Her new husband was a member of the US National Champion Barbershop group, and at one point during the night she arranged for them to sing "Happy Birthday" to me in the middle of the dance floor. So awesome! After that, Chad arranged for us to stay the night and go shopping wherever I wanted to the next day.

Nadine said...

I guess mine would be when I was 8.

I had a celebration at macdonald's with
my school friends and my siblings joined
in as well since our birthdays fall on may
and june (:

the funniest part? at that time, my name
was very uncommon. yet the birthday cake
had my name spelt correctly while my
siblings' names had errors >.>

Liberty :) said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog!

OK...birthday moment.....I cried and cried and cried and cried through my whole 6th birthday as my Dad and Grandad had dressed up as clowns and all the kids were (playfully) hitting them with balloons. I was hysterical that people were hurting my Dad and Grandad and just cried the whole party!! Bless!!!

Happy birthday for the 30th!!

Michelle said...

My favorite Birthday Moment was definintely going to Disneyland on my 30th birthday and getting a ride in the fron tof the monorail. I had always wanted to ride in the front but was never able too but my hubby arranged for me to have that ride on my 30th and I will never forget it!!

Anonymous said...

I think my most memorable would have to be my 21st - legal at last and Mum & Dad paid for my girlfriends and I to go to one of the "in" restaurants to celebrate it. Sadly it's no longer around.

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

A fellow Aquarian - glad to meet you, mine was on Wed. My most cringeworthy was when I was 15 and horribly self conscious. For some reason my parents had insisted we attend a family fun weekend for the staff of my dad's work. As my birthday is just after Burn's night there was a lot of tartan and haggis. Then the lights dim and a piper marches in followed by the staff carrying a sparkling cake. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. I still get sweaty palms if out on my birthday.

Pretty Things said...

First, happy birthday!

My most memorable b'day moment was when I was sixteen. I was working in a movie theater and my boyfriend did, too. He threw me over his shoulder and kidnapped me (of a sort) into a theater, telling me no, it wasn't TIME to do my job yet and to hush and watch the movie.

When I came back out, my friends all had on bunny ears (my nickname was Bunny Foo Foo - don't ask) and they had brought in a homemade cake on a real, beautiful glass cake pedestal and there were presents.

That doesn't sound like much, but I'd only had one birthday party my entire life, and it was tear-jerking to me that people actually remembered and cared. Nothing has really topped it.